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My business goals have been exceeded!

“I first came across Skye Hanley in a group I follow and purchased one of her done-for-you packages (which was awesome) as I was setting up my own coaching business after working in the fitness industry for a number of years. From there I continued to follow Skye on socials. Four months later I participated in my first online program hosted by Skye Money Codes Mastery. And Wow!!! The information that was shared in that one week alone was phenomenal. The week was jam packed full of so much relevant, real and useable information. I also found Skye’s way of presenting was warm, engaging and I could not help but feel excited about the possibilities for my life and business. That was two years ago now! I have since participated in Skye’s memberships and mentorship programs and found them to be invaluable to the success and growth of my business. I have loved the upskilling, beliefs, structure, accountability and sharing along the way. My business goals have been exceeded! Plus, I have ventured into hosting my own online programs – something I thought I would never do! I now always say “never say never and live your dreams” and I know with the support and belief from Skye and her team that I will continue to do just that!”

 Lisa O’Connell Watt

Within 5 months I’d achieved all my yearly stretch goals.

“You’re probably exactly like I was pre-Skye, I thought I was super busy doing ‘business things.’ Like hours and hours of admin and emails, being reactive and throwing random offers out onto social media in the hopes I’d get my perfect soul-mate clients magically reaching out to come and bang on my door to join. We all know how THAT works out, right! Feeling stuck, exhausted, constantly overwhelmed, burnt out, ready to ‘get a real job’… You get it, I’ll bet. I had no freaking idea what to do, how to do it, what even constituted income producing activity? I chatted to the fabulous human that Skye Hanley is. Knew immediately I had to join her Soul Tribe. Honestly, I didn’t even have the funds to work with her at first – but I found a way. BEST BUSINESS DECISION I’VE EVER MADE. Within 5 months I’d achieved all my yearly stretch goals. They ones that were more like wishful thinking, then business reality. Skye is like no other Coach or Mentor you’ll ever find. She’s the boom diggity and 5 years later, she’s never getting rid of me now!”

Trinity Roberts Brials

Those things I thought were out of reach I’ve now done.

“In the beginning, before working with Skye – I really felt like I was drowning in my business. I had no idea how to grow, market or engage with clients……I was really flying blind – with big dreams that I felt sure weren’t possible for me. Skye’s programs have given me so many valuable skills including sales, marketing, client acquisition and retention. But more than that, I have begun to realise those things I thought were out of reach I’ve now done; I’ve spoken at events, I’ve hosted Masterclass series and this year I will launch my very own signature program. Skye’s unique blend of soul-led and strategy in business has been exactly what I needed all along.”

Carissa Willsmore PT